Annually, each WSA-Australia local application that stands out from its respective category is nominated to represent Australia at the WSA Global Competition.  

          Here are the 7 Nominees who will be representing Australia at the WSA Global Competition 2023.

Vacayit tackles the visual-centric nature of tourism marketing and the scarce accessibility information available, which hinders informed travel decisions for Travelers who are blind or have low vision. By collaborating with tourism operators, Vacayit creates audio-guides describing the experiences offered, making travel more accessible. Unlike competitors, Vacayits unique B2B model prioritizes all sensory experiences, not just visual cues. Through this initiative, Vacayit aligns with the UN SDGs of Reduced Inequalities and Sustainable Cities and Communities, marking a step towards a more inclusive global tourism landscape.

Risk of Hospitalisation Module by PenCS addresses Australias healthcare crisis of 748,000 annual preventable hospitalisations costing over $2.4 billion. By emphasizing preventive care over hospital treatment, it aims to transform healthcare for a sustainable future. The module aids providers in identifying at-risk patients, ensuring timely recalls to General Practices or Aboriginal Medical Services clinics, aligning with quality improvement programs. This approach is critical, especially with a projected GP shortage of 9,298 by 2030, ensuring marginalized communities retain access to essential care. Risk of Hospitalisation Module by PenCS is a visionary step towards fostering health equity and reducing healthcare disparities in Australia, aligning well with the UN SGDs of Good Health and Well-Being, and Reduced Inequalities.

The Early Language and Literacy Developmental Index (ELLDI) is a ground-breaking tool addressing early learning gaps, especially among vulnerable groups during crucial pre-school years. This innovation provides parents, carers, and educators with evidence-based insights into children’s early language and literacy development from 2 to 8 years, accompanied by recommended targeted learning strategies. By blending a validated progression scale with an accessible digital interface, ELLDI facilitates seamless observation gathering, feedback, and engagement among teachers and educators. The tool is globally scalable, and the Australian Council for Education Research has validated the index against multiple longitudinal datasets. It has recognized the index as particularly unique service to children aged 2-5 years. ELLDI, supported by a proficient team from the Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation among others, is more than an assessment tool. ELLDI is a change catalyst in the early education sector, aligning with the UN SDG of Quality Education, ensuring every child receives a fair educational start, regardless of their background.

Hysata’s revolutionary high-efficiency electrolyser delivers the world’s lowest cost green hydrogen. This technology operates at a remarkable 95% efficiency, surpassing existing standards. As the global energy sector evolves to meet escalating demands while transitioning from fossil fuels, Hysatas electrolyser emerges as a pivotal solution. This innovation addresses the high costs associated with green hydrogen, offering a scalable pathway towards the ambitious global net-zero emissions target. In Australia, heavily reliant on fossil fuels, Hysatas solution heralds a new era of clean energy. It presents a tangible pathway to decarbonize the nations energy landscape, reposition the workforce, and open new export channels for green hydrogen. Hysatas Capillary-Fed Electrolyser System stands as a significant stride towards a sustainable energy future, marking a milestone in the green hydrogen revolution.

Mable revolutionizes Australias regulated care sector by facilitating direct agreements between self-employed support workers and clients, tailoring care to individual needs. Its online platform transcends traditional care models, offering a personalized, flexible approach to disability and aged care support. By matching clients with support workers based on mutual preferences and needs, Mable promotes choice and control over care received, simultaneously improving support workers satisfaction and earnings. Mable uniquely addresses workforce shortages, especially in remote communities, by attracting a diverse range of individuals to the care sector. Mables innovative platform not only meets the rising demand for support but also significantly improves the care experience for all involved, embodying a forward-thinking solution to Australia’s care sector challenges, aligning with multiple UN SDGs, and setting a precedent for personalised, community-driven care solutions.

Brenna is an innovative communication app empowering the aged care sector. Brenna ingeniously addresses the escalating demand for care providers amidst a growing elderly demographic by streamlining communication between nurses and family members through a secure mobile app. This innovation alleviates operational hitches and time loss, epitomizing a significant stride towards improving workforce efficiency in aged care. Brennas key feature is its facilitation of effortless communication, providing clear prompts to guide staff in conveying essential updates. It has proven to be a time-saver, reducing the communication burden and saving up to 45 minutes per nurse per shift. Its continuous evolution since launch in 2022, including integrations with key clinical management systems, showcases its commitment to enhancing user experience and operational efficiencies.

With a growing aging population controlling a vast housing market share in Australia, downsizing emerges as a viable option to meet seniors lifestyle needs while freeing up housing for younger families. However, traditional downsizing methods present financial and logistical challenges. Downsizer introduces a zero cash deposit model, eliminating conventional hurdles like bridging finance and reverse mortgages, making the transition smoother for seniors. This innovation allows them to stay in their existing homes until their new ones are ready, without draining their savings prematurely. Downsizer not only simplifies the process but addresses broader societal issues like housing affordability and financial security among Australias elderly. The platform meticulously vets developers and agents, ensuring a safe, trustworthy downsizing journey for seniors. By replacing the need for cash deposits with a deposit bond, Downsizer enables seniors to preserve their savings, enhancing their financial stability.