Annually, each WSA-Australia local call application that stands out from its respective category is nominated to represent Australia at the World Summit Awards Global Competition.  

          Following are the 8 Nominees who represented Australia at the World Summit Awards Global Competition 2020.

Parenting is the ever-changing, 24/7 job you can never be fully be prepared for. With a wealth of information now available in this digital age, finding reliable parenting advice can be overwhelming and asking for advice on public forums can be equally just as daunting. Enter ParentTV – its like Netflix for parenting! Your one-stop-shop for genuine and trustworthy information from Australia and the worlds most qualified parenting. Information is presented through on-demand videos and resources and covers a range of topics for ages from birth through to adolescence.

Whispli is the leading platform to engage anonymously with your employees whether it be for compliance, HR or culture purposes. As the only SaaS platform on the market built by a whistleblower, Whispli has a unique understanding of the issues faced by individuals and the importance of protecting both the organisation and the whistleblower. Whispli helps ethical organisations enable trusted conversations to go beyond whistleblowing to mitigate risks, but also improve Culture, productivity, well-being and retention.

Need a Tutor integrates emerging technologies in education, critically supporting Indigenous and remote students on their individual learning challenges. Through our proprietary platform we match students with a network of qualified and culturally sensitive educators, teachers or tutors, then deliver personalised, live one-to-one lessons. This enables safe, equitable educational access to even the most remote communities and provides practical action delivered at a local level. We empower Indigenous and remote students to set their own direction and to create the opportunity for a better, more prosperous future.

One third of the food produced in Australia for human consumption every year 4 million tonnes gets wasted, $20 billion per year for which of the processed/eatable food 80% gets thrown out simply because it’s not sold at the end of the day, which this unnecessary waste is a market inefficiency and environmental issue. Unsold surplus food is a great potential resource which haven’t successfully been targeted before. Ywaste aligns environmentally sustainable business to sell/donate excess food.

Sameview allows every citizen to be on the same page, and work together. It is an online platform that provides one place to connect and share information between support workers, therapists, educators and your family. Information about your family, from the person you care for, to school, home, work, or anything important is organised in a meaningful way. Sameview is a unique consumer focused solution built with the intention of providing a better experience to families and people with disability.

CareMonitor is a shared care, real-time remote monitoring and population health management platform with telehealth capability. We’re linking healthcare teams with patients to prevent & manage chronic diseases and prevent avoidable hospitalisations. With no installation required, integrated patient notifications and advanced AES-256 encryption security CareMonitor helps healthcare professionals and organisations to remotely connect with patients.

Driving Social Value through Empowerment. AvantCare is guided by the desire to improve lives and increase social value by empowering care providers with a comprehensive, agile software solution. AvantCare transforms Care Providers processes ensuring they can focus resources on where it matters most; collaboration to create collective impact. Service providers using AvantCare today, have over 10,000 care workers in the field, providing in-home and supported living to over 25,000 clients and their families transforming lives and building inclusion in society and reducing inequality.

AIBLE uses artificial intelligence to accurately match a person’s skills, abilities and personality traits to jobs in real time. AIBLE is passionate about creating equal access to opportunities for those who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized. AIBLE understands the benefits of diversity within the workplace and provides the ability to search on specific attributes to improve diversity. It also provides career services to guide the search for the right job making AIBLE a strong candidate in the Smart Settlements & Urbanization.