Annually, each WSA-Australia local call application that stands out from its respective category is nominated to represent Australia at the World Summit Awards Global Competition. 

          Following are the 8 Nominees who represented Australia at the World Summit Awards Global Competition 2019.

Socialsuite is an impact management platform that helps organisations gather strong evidence on the impact they are having on societies. Put simply, an organisation that wants to measure the practical effect of its social programs can electronically collect data through surveys or other methods and analyse, at various intervals, all those who are directly affected by its intervention. Impact results can be tallied immediately, analysed through interactive graphs and aligned with the UN SDGs.

Living First Language Platform (LFLP) harnesses technology to empower indigenous communities to become change-makers, teachers and language experts. It is an accessible, cross-platform solution with associated training to equip parents, educators, and teachers with the tools they need to develop their own resources in local languages. Through the LFLP, speakers can collate, organise, share and disperse language elements as a vibrant living collection of language and literacy knowledge.

Communiteer – The social GOOD network; leverages the technology behind social media platforms to create deeper engagement with change-makers. Users can read stories & information about a cause they believe in. They can find like-minded people to share ideas and have discussions with through our online communities. When a relevant & appropriate opportunity arises, it will be fed to their customised news feed to prompt them to participate in doing more social good. Every piece of content & activity is measured against the SDGs.

Worlds Biggest Garage Sale (WBGS) will represent Australia at the World Summit Awards Global Competition

Worlds Biggest Garage Sale (WBGS) is commercialising the circular economy through the activation of unused goods in the community. WBGS host large-scale local re-commerce events providing a digital platform and toolkit enabling communities globally to reproduce these large-scale re-commerce events. Hosting a World’s Biggest Garage Sale in your local community is a unique way to fundraise while bringing people together to engage in sustainable practices. Through WBGS events, WBGS wants to provide positive impact for people, planet and profit for purpose globally.

Spokle App will represent Australia at the World Summit Awards Global Competition

Spokle App utilises a readily accessible mobile technology to create a speech therapy mobile app. Spokle App empowers parents with evidence-based speech therapy strategies that can be implemented in practical daily activities to help their child develop communication. The app provides families with a series of bite-sized, video tutorials with clearly guided demonstrations of how to implement therapy strategies at home. It is accessible anytime, affordable, the activities are fun and family-centred.

NomadVR will represent Australia at the World Summit Awards Global Competition

NomadVR is a B2B SaaS platform for aged care and disability care providers to easily implement, run and manage their own highly engaging VR activities to take their clients on Virtual Excursions. With its curated library of VR content, people who otherwise would never be able to leave the building can have the freedom to explore anywhere in the world. They can visit relaxing coral reefs, exciting African safaris or even something more nostalgic like the street on which they grew up.

Humanitix will represent Australia at the World Summit Awards Global Competition

Humanitix aims to redirect billions of dollars worth of booking fees generated by live events each year towards solving major Education related social issues. It redistributes all our profits to domestic and international Education projects to solve inequality. To scale sustainably and disrupt the ticketing industry, it’s first and foremost a technology startup that aims to provide a world class platform to attract all kinds of event organisers. Humanitix is also a market leader in accessibility requirements.

UgoRound will represent Australia at the World Summit Awards Global Competition

UgoRound will connect you to your City. This simple yet powerful statement would apply to everyone living anywhere in the World. It enables the City and the Authoritative agencies therein, a way to send relevant alerts to anonymous people based on their proximity to a Geofence. Further – small towns , communities and public ecosystems such as Schools, Universities and Hospitals can establish their own First to Know Group and then be alerted – be the First to Know if something happens. This could be a Warning or some info about an Incident or some helpful life benefiting Information.