Annually, the WSA-Australia local call application that stands out from each category will be nominated to represent Australia at the World Summit Awards Global Competition. 

          Following are the 8 Nominees who represented Australia at the World Summit Awards Global Competition 2018.

i=Change is a fast-growing social enterprise tech start-up. i=Change builds purpose into a brand, making it simple for online retailers to give back with 100% transparency and receive the marketing benefits of turning every purchase into a memorable customer experience.

Already in partnership with iconic brands and international NGO’s, i=Change is impacting the lives of over 235,000 people in 14 countries, with a focus on women and girls’ development.

Ancestry Atlas is a sophisticated online tool that enables an organisation or school to map its cultural diversity. It is simple to use, secure and produces instant analytic reports. Schools and organisations can gain a snapshot of their collective culture. This presents unique opportunities for intercultural learning and empowers them with the information to further progress sustainable development goals through dialogue, policy and action.

The ClimateClever Initiative is an online program that enables schools and their communities to measure, compare, manage and reduce their carbon footprint and utility costs while educating, upskilling and empowering the next generation to become leaders in creating a low carbon future. It is delivered by ClimateClever – an Edtech social enterprise that gives 10% of its profits back to schools in disadvantaged communities to implement low carbon technologies.

A global online platform that catalyses how individuals and organisations collaborate for good through a philanthropic social marketplace where ‘need’ + ‘have’ are matched. Free for charities and the public, it eases the friction that’s been stifling generosity – inspiring and empowering everyone to do good on their terms. This central hub can unite and mobilise entire communities or industries – and Governments can access the data to focus their resources for better local and global societies.

My Disability Matters Club provides an accessible, worldwide, safe, respectful & tolerant online social platform for the disability sector overcoming loneliness & isolation; providing peer support, friendship & removing bullying, trolling & harassment that are prevalent towards PWDs on other social media. All PWDs, people with mental illness, family, friends, businesses & supporters welcome.

Vollie is an online marketplace that is unlocking a new style of skills-based remote volunteering. Vollie is a brand that millennial-minded people can identify with because we provide flexible opportunities for individuals to make a real and tangible difference. We don’t call ourselves a ‘disruptor’, instead, we’re an ‘enhancer’ – we want to help non-profits around the world by giving them access to a highly valuable resource that has been traditionally hard-to-tap. Our 400+ NGOs collectively represent the 17 SDGs, and our database of change makers are supporting these organisations and solving issues on a local and global scale. Collectively, we stand up for children, animals, gender equality, poverty alleviation, our communities, our environment and so much more.

Cogniss is a platform that allows people to create high quality games and apps for education and health at low costs. It offers a range of customisable, pre-built features that blend neuropsychology, big data and adaptive game mechanics. Educators, innovators and researchers with limited resources can use Cogniss to develop new solutions for any learning or behavioural challenge. The platform includes Cogniss Insights, a cost-effective tool for collecting education and health data.

She’s A Crowd is ending gender-based violence in public and private spheres globally. We empower governments, universities, planners and other decision-makers to drive change in the space of gender-based violence using digital crowdsourcing technology. Using a storytelling platform, She’s A Crowd collects valuable data on sexual assault and gender-based violence in order to inform preventative action.