Annually, each WSA-Australia local application that stands out from its respective category is nominated to represent Australia at the WSA Global Competition.  

          Here are the 6 Nominees who will be representing Australia at the WSA Global Competition 2022.

Stymie is an anonymous, online confidential harm reporting tool used in schools. Students can make notifications about all kinds of harm that may be happening to them or harm that they may know is happening to someone else. Schools allow students to use Stymie to help enhance their culture of care and to support their students to #saysomething without fear. Evidence in the form of screen shots can be used to support notifications, especially in cases of cyberbullying, sextortion or child exploitation and grooming.

BindiMaps is a smartphone app that helps anyone and everyone navigate unfamiliar indoor and precinct spaces. BindiMaps is the largest supplier in Australia of indoor wayfinding also designed to assist those with a disability. Our solution is unique to the global market in the number of disabilities that we support. While BindiMaps provides convenience for able-bodied users, it is life-changing for those with accessibility needs. BindiMaps has the functionality to assist in the navigation of those with vision impairment and those who prefer wheelchair-accessible options.

Matchboard is a B2B matching platform – think online dating for the commercial world! Just as dating sites help people pinpoint their needle in the haystack partner, Matchboard helps businesses shortcut the process of finding a perfect match service provider. Our free platform is used by thousands of companies in Australia, from one-person businesses to many of the biggest companies in Australia and the world. We are helping businesses every day save time, money, and reduce risk. And for suppliers, we are a transformative channel for qualified lead generation.

Welcome Merchant assists consumers to reach refugee and asylum seeker-led businesses, and an increase in activity to the website as well as on the social media pages has been recorded. Our mission is to elevate the voices of refugee and asylum seeker entrepreneurs in Australia. Lack of connections and communication, as well as digital savviness often mean that many refugee-powered businesses in Australia operate in the dark and don’t receive the attention they deserve. As a social enterprise, Welcome Merchant acts as a directory, making it easy for conscious shoppers to find unique gift hampers and products and cultural events operated by underrepresented entrepreneurs, all while making a meaningful social impact.

Law On Earth is an edtech telelaw platform which teaches the public how to self-act in their own legal issues, reduces anxiety and can save up to 90% cost and time. In a nutshell, the system replicates the full client lawyer interaction but provides far greater transparency around pricing and legal advice given, is more secure than emails back and forward from a lawyer and gives everyone including those living in remote and regional areas, and those with limited financial means, access to quality legal help 24/7. Equality for all created from robolaw in a safe, recorded and secure environment to create immediate relief from the stress and anxiety around legal issues.

As a complicated two-sided marketplace, Learnmate has unique selling points and use cases for both sides of the market – students and tutors. For students, Learnmate centralises tutors to help students find and engage quality, budget friendly and vetted tutors in a secure and safe platform. It makes it effortless to find, engage and pay for a tutor. For tutors, we created a platform to make it easy for them to realise the value of their knowledge and skill and to generate student interest local to them or online. Learnmate eliminates the need to find, market, convert and manage students, including scheduling, payment processing and customer support. With our new platform, tutors will be able to build their brand and reputation which will also better inform student tutor selection.